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Hi all,

A colleague of mine is setting some type for a business card. She's asked me to give my two cents on this preliminary comp. It's set in 6.75/8.25 Sabon Next Regular Small Caps. The first line is demibold.

My first impression is that the "60606" is really annoying to look at (I'd imagine there's got to be more New Yorkers with this problem). It really draws attention to the bizarre axis in the 0. I believe other ("regular") versions of Sabon (and Caslon, for that matter) have oldstyle zeros that are closer to circles...

Any other critique is welcome, too...I'm sure she'd love to hear what everyone has to say.

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That does look a bit strange.

Has she tried using either the lower-case or small-caps "o"?


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I used to feel that way about Stempel Garamond but from a useability point-of-view it is unambiguous. What does bother me is the tracking combined with the colour, I would be tempted to close up the tracking and use upper and lower case for the e-mail address even if I couldn’t get it on one line. If there is space I would introduce a half-line space before the telephone numbers to separate them still more from the address, while still linking them to the particular address and make them easier to pick out.


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sound advice. thanks Tim.

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Less letterspacing with the same leading or more leading with the same letterspacing.
And I find the colour of these caps not quite comparable to the small caps, but that could be Kobayashi’s doing, I guess.
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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