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Hi there,

My coworkers and I probably overuse Bickham Script because we love the alternate flourishes it provides (besides it being a beautiful typeface). However, I'd like to know if there are any other typefaces out there that have lots of flourishes, etc that you can chose from similar to the way you can in Bickham Script. Does this make sense?



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Ohh, a link to the typeface would help!

Bickham Script

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Paul Hunt has made P22 Zaner with many flourish options.

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ooh, lovely. thank you, kegler!

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I'm NOT a fan but Zapfino has a lot of alternates too.

So does Dalliance, which I do like.

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Burgues Script
Buffet Script
Anglia Script (though these alts are in seperate fonts)

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thank you thank you thank you for all the feedback!

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what about Andrade Pro? script and swashes

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Patty I recently got a license to Zapfino, the entire suite.* I have to say that the Zapfino we are sick of seeing — used inappropriately most of the time — is not the sum of the face. It really is beautiful and I'd love to see someone, besides Linotype, use it in a way that speaks to this beauty.

This is just in response to Patty and I'm not sure Zapfino could be a replacement for Bickham as they are two completely different script styles.

*A preview only copy of the license I should add.

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I am a fan of Sloop. Same designer as Bickham Script (Richard Lipton).

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Do you mean something like Poetica, with its multiple alternate starting and end characters?

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