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Well, I'm not a professional and I'm stuck with this project. I can't think of a descent numerals and "Z" character. Also, the "S" is pretty ugly (heh) cruel, but please - help me with some hints.

ThanksPhatto Sample

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It seems like you're trying to "cram" an even stroke through a rather low x-height with the "s", and you would probably have to with the "z" also.

What I would suggest is either cleverly play with angles or make the middle stroke's weight thinner.

Also, consider giving the "k" (and your to-be "z") more-or-less straight diagonals, it's okay to have some unique members in a set.

Overall, this is a really neat style. What about that "a"? It looks a bit off...

Good luck!

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Hi Ivan,

Some points:

1. Nice forms, maybe a bit too constructed for my taste.

a: My opnion: Try to distinguish it a little more from the six. Give him the foot it needs

i,j: stems should be same height

k: perhaps give the upper arm an angle

s: the spine is way to light as it is right now. But it's overall too constructed. Get away from a fixed witdh perhaps. Draw!

t: make the horizontal stroke a little thinner

u,y: too wide, should be a little more condensed than the n.

x: too horizontal. make it a little more condensed

For all joins (connection curve/stem): make the outline a little lighter there. You might even consider trapping. But I'm sure the man from the lambic valley will help you on this issue.

This for the beginning.



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