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Nought Robert

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Snap judgements:

Feels European. Modern. Could be a fashion boutique.

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European, Formula 1, racing.

the type feels too skinny compared to the 1.

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modern. font weight is off. number 1 competes with light font.

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I see fashion as well, especially when it's surrounded by so much whitespace. The '1' does feel heavy.

There's nothing wrong with it, but there's nothing that makes me say "wow" either.

- Lex

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Seems to be a bit under-designed for a design company logo. I know one shouldn't overdo a logo for a design business, but one shouldn't under-do it either.

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To me it would be new and fresh ... if this was 1971.
As a design firm, I think you should either have a logo that is really, really good/creative/innovative/informative.
Or don't have a logo. (ie deliberate understatement)


of all the fishes in the sea
the little mermaid is one for me

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First impression: I wasn't sure if it's a number "1" or a letter "l" or what else. It just looked so out of place.

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