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We have just released a digital version of Rustikalis in OpenType, a very popular filmstrip font design from the 1970's.

p.s. If anyone knows some of the history of this design, I would be very interested.


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Interesting. It's definitely been requested more than once here in the ID boards. You should add some general navigation to your site so people can go backwards from this fonts page. Making the logo a link to your home page is a good start.

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If anyone knows some of the history of this design,

Wouldn't it be better to find out before you published your knock-off?
I wouldn't be surprised to discover it had been designed by Robert Trogman, a frequent Typophile poster.

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It is nice that all of these great older faces are being digitized but I do hope research is being done to ensure that all rightful parties have approved or are being compensated.

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I took a look at the website to see what was offered. I came away with some questions. All the fonts look familiar. Some have different names, like PenTipDT (Tekton), but others have similar names like GoudyOldStyleDT.

I hadn't realized you could just add something like "DT" to the end of a familiar font name and call it your own. Has a licensing fee been paid to do this?

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Ditto what Nick said. I'm not impressed with the offerings here, as they are immediately recognizable as existing designs with new names.

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I guess there's a reason they have no navigation!

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See also the other thread

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