(x) Black + White slab serif - hellenic Wide {Stephen}

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Can't quite identify this font. I hope you guys can help me out.



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It looks like it's based on an old metal/wood
typeface called Hellenic Wide or Antique Extended.
See the links in this interview with Bob Dahlquist.

There's a free version by Pelle Piano called
Stereo and a very good revival by the Letterror
boys called Zapata. Also, see Aboutype's Antique

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Thanks for the prompt response, Stephen. I've checked Stereo and Zapata and they are not quite there yet. And unless it's retouched it's not Antique Central either. Bob Dahlquist's version (great link, btw) looks very similar but do you know if it is commercially available?

Thanks a lot for your help, I've been after this face ever since I first saw it in the "stereo" logo on an old album cover.


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I think it's Hellenic Wide. It's an old metal typeface from the Bauer foundry. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available as a digital font.

(I scanned and traced a few of the letters for the TypeCon2003 logo.)

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Mark - Your stuff for TC03 is lovely. Got one
of the letterpressed cards from Kegler last week.
I'm so pleased they asked you to be on board.

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> I don't think it's available as a digital font.

Give it a week.


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Thanks, Stephen. It's the first time I've ever designed anything for letterpress. Very exciting. Chip Schilling at the Indulgence Press in Minneapolis did a great job on the printing.

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Looks very similar to Planet Design's logo (formerly Planet Propaganda). You might try contacting them if you think it's a match.


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