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Trying to refine my logo for my wedding photography right now. I'm up in arms. I dons't know if I want a new logo or one that has that concept pushed to a new level.

If you're curious my website is here: http://holymoleephoto.com/


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Hi Chris,

I'm in the process of "will-i-won't-I" with my own logo at the moment - and that's my job!

What i'd say, is if you have a lot of printed media (ie. business cards, letterheads, brochures, vehicle graphics etc.) that use your current logo, i'd suggest on purely a financial level, wait until you've got more or less nothing left - then start on a new design.

I like the existing typeface but would maybe consider updating your icon with maybe a little more detail - but i understand that the two letters of your business are incorporated quite nicely anyway.

Dunno, hope this has been *some* help!!
Jeremy Green

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Thanks jeremy! That has been quite helpful. I haven't really done any of the marketing materials. Its been pretty much a slapdash start so far so I haven't really anything to lose.

At this point i would like more clients as well refine the logo and make it more detailed.

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