OS X and font formats question

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I have an old non-latin postscript type 3 font for which there is no type 1 or TT versions. In OS X this font is recognized by Carbon applications like MS Office but is not recognized by Cocoa applications i.e. TextEdit. Is there a way to have Cocoa applications recognize PS type 3 fonts?

I tried converting it to a PS type 1 font, but being non-latin, the results are unacceptable.

Will Acrobat 5 or 6 allow me to embed a type 3 font in a pdf file, so I can re-print it in the future?

Will appreciate any assisstance. TIA.

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Type 3 will have the same encoding issues as Type 1; whatever differences you are seeing should be fixable.

WHen you say it's "non-latin," what exactly is it? It might make more sense to turn it into TrueType or OpenType.

You can embed Type 3 in PDF, but what will that accomplish? Is this some document you will never want to change?



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