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feels good to be back again. hi there :-)
I just finished a logotype that, oddly enough, was immediately accepted by the client. due to the tight turnaround time (1 week only prior to the lunch of a new computer shop), it wasn't until now that I could take a step back and ask for some help as far as the result is concerned. I guess the work could well take in a great deal of finetuning, but I was mainly interested in the overall personality of the logotype.

thanks a lot.
george // cellsius

\img {mill02.gif}

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Welcome back George!

The overly round inside apex of the "M" bothers me a little bit, but most of all the "I" seems like it should be a really short "L" instead. As it stands the "I"s are fighting with the "L"/"N" (which have somewhat too thick lower parts, btw).


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The curved bottom of the lower stroke on the L and the E, should be mirrored by the top of the stroke, not necessarily parallel, an amount of upward movement could reduce the heaviness which Hrant comments on, I also feel that the middle stroke of the E should move up slightly to compensate for the curve. btw shouldn't that be millennium?

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thanks, Hrant. I feel I should provide further details since there are no more takers around ...
MILENIUM is a computer brand going national and they want a fresh ID system based on a logotype bold enough to be cast into plastic for computer panel usage. Besides this, I was free to come up with whatever I felt fit, within such a short period of time. My personal chioce went towards an "indesit" uppercase - lowercase lettering, modern and relevant. instead of taking the obvious way (E, L uppercased and the rest lowercase)
\img {mill01.gif
they chose to go with this unusual lowercase "i".
I fear it might lack that good obviousness that turns an obscure detail into a clever idea.


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Lower Design a bit trendy looking. Before proceeeding- The questions to ask would be where they are at but where they want to be in 5 years, 10 years, etc..., the branding they do now should be "current" looking in 5 years+. Who is buying they equipment 30 year olds, gamers, execs, what is price point?
Assuming it ie all somewhere in the middle I would say the
top type properly be best in say 5 years as well as cool enough for the current young audience.. The bottom is nice but that trend is on it's way out in my opinion. Less legible.
U, N and M's look nice. I works. The E needs work. L too.

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