(x) Beijing 2008 Olympics logo - custom designed {Andrew J Sipe}

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Hi all,

Can you help me Identify this font please !

By the way, did someone know where I can find the logo of the Beijing 2008 olympic in out line !!!

Thank you very much !

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Marc, I think this is a custom application created specifically for this logo. There might be some nice alternative brush stroke based fonts out there though.

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check veer: http://www.veer.com/search/results.aspx?keyword=brush-script&producttype...

they have some nice brush-scripts, like Whisk Broom or Gizmo

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Thank you very much Asvetic and Stephen I really appreciated.

I did make a search befored for the logo, but my english is not really good.

Thank's again !!!!!

Marc C

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