Sans with Venetian/Diagonal "e"

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Looking for a geometric or humanist sans that has an oblique lower-case e. I might not be referring to it properly, so in laymans terms, the e whose cross bar is diagonal, not flat.

thanks in advance.

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Don't forget FF Eureka!

And here's another one. To be released soon.

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Eureka Sans by Peter Bil’ak

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Check this post as well : (I asked a very similar question.)

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Whoa! has been super Flashified!

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Thanks to my intern, Aleksey Lisovsky.
He's now graduated and looking around...

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Very nice site.

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I like all the options for displaying sample text, Nick. That's very helpful.


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My Hypatia Sans is a humanist/geometric sans which has a slanted "e" as an alternate. If you're using InDesign CS2/CS3 this can be accessed by applying stylistic set #7. (Hypatia Sans is currently available only as a registration incentive for Creative Suite 3 apps.)



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Whoa, turn it down a notch, Robert.

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lineto's typ1451b is an interesting, if somewhat extreme example...

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thanks for your help, folks.

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Is it me... or is down.

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