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Hi folks,

has anyone any recommendations/ideas for a book/catalogue that has a display of various fonts etc something like some type of font directory? I know there are various online examples but was thinking on something that I can look through with clients etc any help appreciated



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Fontbook maybe?

Certainly the first to come to mind.

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Fontbook is really helpful for all of us, but not if you are looking at a typeface with your client. Except your client is a grafic designer, also ;)

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FontBook is huge and perhaps daunting to a client, but you can always bookmark a few candidate typefaces before your meeting.

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I think that Thomas means that it is best to show a real specimen to a client when discussing font choices, rather than the less extensive catalogue entry in the [extremely good] FontBook. FontShop Berlin has quite hefty PDF specimens for [at least some] of the FF families available for download. These help convince clients much more.

Also, one may try contacting the foundry directly. Even if the foundry in question does not distribute fonts to designers for test purposes (many do if you ask a detailed, specific question, BTW), they may be willing to set some sample text from you or the client into a PDF for you.

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Indie Fonts is hard-backed, but less of a wrist-sprainer than the FontBook.
But I wonder, does its three volumes now outweigh FontBook?

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Probably. They use some nice thick paper!

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FontBook is so heavy it doubles the price to be shipped home...


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FontBook is so heavy it doubles the price to be shipped home...

Tell me about it! I was hoping to buy one at Typecon and carry it home, but they sold out before I got around to my bookstore purchases.

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Thames & Hudson have a type selector as a "font swatch" similar to the ones hat Pantone uses. This might be the thing you're after? Even though I'm not too excited about the overall selection (yes Copperplate etc is included), it gives the client a hunch about the end result.

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The Type Specimen Book, V&M Typographical, Inc.

Type and Typography: The Designer's Type Book, Ben Rosen

Art Directors' Book of Type Faces, J.I. Biegeleisen

The Precision Type Font Reference Guide, Jeff Level, Bruce Newman, Brenda Newman

Typographic Specimens: The Great Typefaces, Philip B. Meggs, Rob Carter

And, as stated above, many foundries will be happy to send you their catalog(s).

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Great information folks and much appreciated. The fontbook looks fantastic and no doubt would be a great investment for years to come, though will take some time to look through all these options and i'm sure i will get sorted with all these options. Thanks again all for your help.


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As was already mentioned,the FontBook is a great and current catalogue of type from many of the foremost foundries in the world.

Other good catalogues to compliment may be:

Linotype has a new hardcover catalogue that contains their own as well as some Adobe and ITC faces.

Font Bureau has a nice hardcover of their fonts.

Veer had some nice font only specimens published in '04 and '05 but those may not be available any longer. But, if you are not already, you should get on their mailing list to get any future type mailings.

Adobe has their Adobe Type Library Reference Book, which contains all Adobe fonts.

And of course the Indie Fonts series of books.

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