Clearview in the NY Times Sunday magazine

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MAGAZINE | August 12, 2007
The Road to Clarity
How a graphic designer and a typographer and their obsession with fonts and legibility led to a painstaking effort to clean up America’s road signs, one letter at a time.

Just found out that this is coming out this Sunday.


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Congratulations, James. Not only is the signage in the picture clearer, but you've managed to halve the distance to the exit!

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Great article -- tremendously significant too, because it is probably the most detailed account of a single typeface that has ever been published in a general interest magazine. The writer did an exceptional job too, I thought, especially considering he's a recent J-school grad. Many far more experienced journalists have been hopelessly flummoxed by type and its arcana. Altogether most impressive, including, James, especially, the font - - very happy for you.

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Right, brilliant job.
Great title, too.

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James, I wasn't able to be at TypeCon this year, but a colleague of mine brought back a copy of your new "specimen book," the one with the business card primer for designers. I love this catalogue, and think it is the most refreshing idea for a catalog that I have seen in years!

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Thanks Dan,

All the credit for that catalog goes to Charles Nix who designed it. A brilliant graphic designer and a very good friend (and a pretty good type designer as well). We have another one in the works, sort of a design encyclopedia sort of thing.

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very nice article. i really liked this little snippet:

"Now, as the idea of branding has claimed a central role in American life, so, too, has the importance and understanding of type. Fonts are image, and image is modern America."

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that was one of my favorite quotes too!

great article. i agree with bill also, as far as i can tell it was the biggest and best article about type in a mainstream magazine. (the only other comparable one, sort of, was in the new yorker about matthew carter).

congratulations james!!! and congratulations to all of us who are becoming more significant in popular culture : )

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Well put Paul, Alex!

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Way to go, James! I read the article on Sunday morning... I liked Meeker's comments on design as a form of social activism -- they reminded me of some talks Jorge Frascara gave at the University of Buenos Aires, when I was studying there.

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BRAVO James! Keep kickin' butt 'nd takin' names;-)


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D'OH! I accidentally posted this here. I wonder why this thread didn't come up in the search? Anyway...congratulations!

So far probably the most comprehensive, and surprisingly enlightened article on type I've ever seen in a mainstream publication. I might make people look at this article, to ahem...get points across. :)

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Clearview is also part of a feature on design solutions in the first anniversary issue of GOOD magazine, on newsstands now (the content of this issue is not online yet). See "How do we stay safe?," on pages 84-85.

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We have the digital age to thank for the fact that the average citizen even knows what the word "font" means.

Congratulations, James.

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So far probably the most comprehensive, and surprisingly enlightened article on type I’ve ever seen in a mainstream publication.

Agreed, Biddy. The writer did a great job AND never forgot that we has addressing a mostly lay audience.

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"...get points across. :)"

Twelve at a time, Terry?


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I'm not sure whether this is a pun or not? Sure. :)

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Useful: If anyone ever asks you again "Do we really need any more fonts?" you can point them here! There's also the coverage of the new approach to typography on prescription bottles as another example.

Hey James, do you happen to know if Puerto Rico has its own highway department? They don't need better signs, they just need signs. I think the hurricanes blow them down. Trying to find your way on the main highways is an exercise in futility.

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"I’m not sure whether this is a pun or not?"

Consider the source :-)


PS: There are 12 points to a pica

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PS: There are 12 points to a pica

Perhaps a little to esoteric? ;)

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