Paris Street signage

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Okay, I know this is probably just some random condensed sans serif, but I was curious if anyone knew what typeface is used for the blue and green street signage you see all over Paris is. You can see a photo of one here ->

A condensed Helvetica would probably do just fine, but I'm curious nonetheless.

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I really don't know what it is and if this type had a name, but if you need informations about Paris signage, visit Jean-François Porchez website, it shows a pretty review written by John Downer about Paris street typophilia.

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there's a Highway/Street Series out somewhere. I know LA uses series E and would guess that alot of municipalities produce from that package considering its skewed and kerned specifically

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Tanya - That's true for the states. But European
nations use decidedly different types for their
signage. See the Traffic Type and Transport
series at URW.

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it seems, that it could be bulldog. but i

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aha - I remark to Stephen, nifty site too.
I just surfed around abit - its bugging me too now...looks so simple. I read up about the DIN though - if most European contries are using this perhaps France got involved?

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That font predates MyFonts and all our asses by a large number of decades, I suspect.


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Speaking of Frenchie signage, there's a great little book called "Entrez" with some super photos.


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I don't know exactly what it is either, but if
it's as rounded as that photo suggests Elderkin
might be a nice substitute.

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