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I'm looking for a fresh, sophisticated alternative for LinoLetter Black/Black italic for a logotype. Any ideas?

Can you tell me more than the quoted text below about LinoLetter, especially the "curved slab" serif-form? Are they unique, inspired/used by Font-??

Linotype writes: "Designer: Linotype Design Studio, 1992. In the 1980s, Linotype worked with the Basel School of Design (Switzerland) to create a new typeface that would be maximized for optimum legibility. Professor Andre Gürtler oversaw the research for the project, along with Reinhard Haus and the Linotype Design Studio. The goal was to create a typeface to work with contemporary typesetting and printing technologies. Linotype released the result, LinoLetter, in 1992. Legibility typefaces are designed for printing under the poorest and most varied of conditions; LinoLetter is therefore ideal for newspaper work as well as other mass-produced printed pieces."


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Thanks Stephen,
Napoleone and Pacella are new to me and Nexus Mix Bold italic and Zine Display slab italic are good alternatives too.



PS: Unfortunately the direct only work irregularly, often I'm redirected to the

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Yes, it's an unfortunate side effect of the fact that FontShop Germany has its own site. We're working on a better solution. In the meantime, each link should work on second click.

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