Round corners (in FontLab?)

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Anyone knows a good way to automaticly make round corners on glyphs? Illustrators function is crap, as far as i can tell, and FontLabs is only working when making an automatic bold...

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If you don't mind working in Illustrator, the Xtream Path plug-in has an outstanding round corner tool. It can do lots of other neat things, too, but the round corner tool was the main reason I bought it.

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Thanks, will check it out...sure wish FontLab would incorporate the function though...

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Tobias: I agree. FontLab really needs this feature. According to Yuri, this feature existed in 2.5, but only worked with corners of straight lines, not with curves. (see here)

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I remember the FL 2.5 version. It worked quite nicely, within that limitation. Not that I ever used that funtion on a real project, mind you.


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Xtream Path has the same limitation regarding curved lines with its round corner tool.

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Xtream Path

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If you work by the centerline method in CorelDraw, round corners are as easy as selecting Outline Pen, Corners Round. It works with any shape or kind of line. The only problem—which is slight—is when paths with obtuse angles are converted to curves: the radius tends to be a little shallow, but can easily be tweaked.

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Might be a bit late but Betatype has a macro to round corners

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