(x) Child's hand printed script - Zachary Font {Dennis (self, via WhatTheFont)}

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I looked thru 'bowfin' looked thru myfonts etc.. etc.. any ideas on this one would be appreciated..

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Did you try looking at dafont Script>School or Script >Handwritten? (Sample images there seem to be down right now). If you didn't find it in Part 12 of my Guide, then that's the next place I'd suggest.

However, our FAQ #15 statement about hand-printed fonts applies to this sort of font as well. It could be a personal font or one off font, that you will never locate. My suggestion is to pick something similar and go with that.

- Mike Yanega

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There are loads of handwritten fonts that look similar to this... try something like Douglas Hand.

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It’s not a perfect match but it goes in that direction:


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whatthefont forum identified it..


thanks to all ..

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