Looking for a direction to go in

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Started drawing my first from-the-ground-up font a few weeks ago, returned to these three characters because I actually liked them (unlike the other 23).

I'm looking for critique on their design, as well as any ideas on a direction to take with this font... I don't really want to copy any other fonts, but if anyone knows of any fonts similar to these letters I've drawn, I would like to be able to look to them for reference once I get stuck on certain letters (like I certainly will).

Thanks guys!

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E seems a bit too bottom heavy. Looking at rather thin strokes of the F it looks it's lighter than the other two.

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BTW: Interesting G and different serifs.

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the G is the only reason I'm still working on this :)

I really like the bottom of the E, so I tried to fatten up the bottom of the F to match, but then my G looks even smaller and I have to fatten the bottom right serif (terminology, y'all!) and it just wonks the whole thing up.

@D. Wiewauters: I can see where you get that; in fact, the 'A' that I drew with these letters is the same kind of humped-top 'A' as Los Feliz has

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The G seems a bit narrow to me compared to the E and F. They all appear to be meant to be fairly compressed, but the round forms always look smaller than their squarish counterparts, which is why they are generally made a little bigger; to compensate for that illusion. The G needs a bit of overshoot, both horizontally and vertically. That should also give you some breathing room to thicken up the serif a bit too.

I like the design in general, though. It looks like it would go good with ice cream.

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