Bequeathing font licenses!

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Dear Members!

Is it possible to bequeath or entail font licenses?
I would appreciate any advice!

Thank You in advance!


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It would really depend on whether or not the font license is non-transferable. If the license can be transfered, there’s no reason one could not bequeath it. But with non-transferable software licensing you’ll probably need to talk to a lawyer.

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Be aware that many U.S. licences contain causes that are not valid outside of the U.S. and can simply be ignored. The EU countries have a much higher level of consumer protection laws (especially northern Europe) than the U.S. and those laws may render some clauses in the licences void.

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That is a very interesting question. When I bought the original Adobe Font LIbrary (1989 or was that 1990) they sold it to me on a) floppy disks and 2) a hard disk for my imagesetter.

They told me if I ever got out of the business and wanted to sell it (that library was $15,000) I could sell it to anyone and they would have all the legal rights to it.

I still own it - never sold it.

I think jpad gave you good advice -- good luck.

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Putting the licenses in the name of a company or trust might be a good option for large ammounts of licensed IP.

What happens to your iTunes when you die?

Cheers, Si

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SI -

The iTunes get onto your iPod (somehow) and then they get stolen and used by the offender... Gee, everybody knows that.

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What happens to your iTunes when you die?

Your heirs get screwed—which is the whole point of DRM. The companies pushing DRM know that it will never stop piracy, but it will screw customers into buying the same old stuff over and over and never being able to unload it at the local used book/software/music/movie store.

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>Gee, everybody knows that.

Sorry for being so dim. ;-)

I never owned an MP3 player before Saturday night.

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