"Rude Rams" uncial style caps / marker script "SSgt Westley Calloway"

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I have 2 things hanging me up, and I'm hoping somebody can help out.
This is the first: RUDE RAMS....I have been looking for days and days w/o luck.

This is the next one. Its called MARKER ACCT.AK.REV.D and is included in a Gerber Scientific Products stencil plotter/cutter, but the font is nowhere else to be found. I can use something close, but that has turned useless as well.

Thanks a ton!



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Mike F or Renko may confirm this but I think the one from the image below is Sanford (came from Silver Graphics, long defunct). Here is a MyFonts search with more info.

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Aww, Marcelo, who am I to confirm this? Thanks for the confidence, but, you know, you ID'd so much which I never would have …
So Scott, you better believe this man. He is almost never wrong.

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Lol, so this is an "official" quest, huh? I'm coming up with squat for unical that comes close, same for marker. I can draw them by hand in Corel, but I really hate that. Why can't they stick to Amarillo USAF?

Any more leads are hugely appreciated!

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I think the RUDE RAMS lettering looks like a blend of a Chancery style, like Zapf Chancery (which is pretty close) or Cataneo Swash, with the M from a Mediaeval font like Omnia. Apply a little customizing of the terminals to make the look unified, and voilá.

- Mike Yanega

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I think both fonts come from a comic book lettering background, possibly Blambot or Comicraft.

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Git....called Free Hand Acct. Its a GSP font in their stencil plotter....I just can't get access to it grrrr. Same with that marker font.

Drawing it by hand is going to suuuuck.

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Ahh ... I should have gotten this one. That 'A', though, was leading me in the freebie or, as Yves said, the comic lettering direction. But nay ...

Freehand was a pre-1912 ATF typeface. I know of three digital versions, but the most readily available would be Nick Curtis's Duly Noted.

Oh, and I want to add a definite confirmation that the other font is, as Marcelo stated (and ought to get credit for) Silver Graphics' 'Sanford'.

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Any clues as to where I might find Sanford, or something similar. I spent last nite drawing RUDE RAMS by hand, and REALLY don't want to do it againt just for aircraft crew names.

What I came uo with:

You guys are stellar!

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