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My dad's asked me to create a website for his law firm (only two lawyers), and the first thing they want to do is create a new logo. They don't currently have a "logo" per se, but simple text used on their letterheads.

Here are a couple of the ideas I've been working on. I don't want to just have a plain text logo, so I tried my hand at an accompanying symbol/image. I couldn't come up with anything original that related to law/lawyers, only a gavel and the scales of justice images which are incredibly overused.

Any ideas where I can go from here?

Their areas are: divorce law, criminal defense, civil litigation and personal injury. The firm name is King & Lloyd, P.A.

I want the logo to be simple, clean and portray professionalism, trustworthiness, and success (?).

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Now you know why so many law firms have a typecentric logo. ;)

I think you're on the right track here. I'd be playing with some letterforms in a monogram context much like you're doing. I'd be staying the hell away from scales and gavels, too. :) Keep at it.

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I rather like sample1; it's classy without being stereotypically stuffy. I like the contrast between the sans-serif text and the fancier ampersand, and I think the text meshes nicely with the colored blocks.

However, the ampersand seems a bit off center to me... maybe you could move it to the right a bit? It feels like 'Lloyd' is all by itself there.

Also, the small serif text on the bottom doesn't fit quite right to me. I think you should stay with a serif font, but that particular one seems a bit too plain perhaps.

I hope that helps. Good luck!

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i dont know current trends, but id think more all-caps small-caps serif type
its a law firm, people are expecting to think 'established' 'reliable'
rather than 'modern'

also, i missed sleeping last night


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The first one is fine, the second one looks more like a logo for an art dealer to me.

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#1 - but it needs pushing. The two panels - try distorting the perspective of the panels with perhaps the initials of both lawyers. Something to relate to the type.

I think the colors work. But not with such a bold, black font. Try using shades of black or to soften it with a blue black. For me, it is not appearing too friendly.

Personally, I would be using a + sign between the names. But that's just me.

Good luck.

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of the two, the first works better. but i don't have any idea what the offset squares have to do with law. i'm sure you don't want the squares to represent your father and his law partner! lose the squares...

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I own a lawfirm, and need a logo. I like what you did, do you do it as a business? If so, please email me at BTW: Our webiste is

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Lawyers AND Spammers. EWWWW!

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Aluminum - And somehow a strangely appropriate combination!
And for the fun of it:

Q: Do you know how to save a drowning lawyer?
A: No? Good!

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If you find spam, email me. Much quicker. Sometimes we don't view every single thread as quickly as we should. Thanks. :)

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