The transformation of an Award Winning 80s Maniac

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Who's your daddy, I ask of you?

Here's the transformation of joe schmo Dan Gayle into the Typecon2007 1980s party best male costume. Rather than the cocaine and New Order vibe, or the Flashdance vibe of the others, I instead opted for the 80s midwestern white trash vibe. (The hat says Happy Days, by the way...)

It was awesome, because it added about 20 years to me, and no one recognized me at first glance.


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Dude, you had me fooled for about 4 hours in that getup. I knew it was a costume, but I had no clue who was behind it.

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Ha! Even with me dancing around like a fool right there on the dance floor?

The best look was the 5 sec blank stare I would get when I would speak to somebody who has met me previously.

Kent Lew just about fell over onto the floor. It was awesome.

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Dan, I want to see a bigger version of your avatar pic. :-)

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Dan gives me gayles olf laughter :-)


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