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Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could help me with some font suggestions that might look great for lettering on the side of a 25ft fishing boat. The title is going to be "Dub-Sea". (He is from West Chester, and they call west chester dub-c, for w.c.) So any ideas would be great, I was thinking of a deco flair but I don't have any experienceat all in this area. It can be a really fun font and he is really open minded. Thanks ahead of time.


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I recently saw a boat in some crime investigation show marked in Orbus Bjorkus. It used to be a free font from Chank, but there is no reference to it there anymore. It has popped up elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure that's in violation of its license.

You might like something else he has there. Almost any would make for fun boat lettering.

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Coquette Bold would be cool:

I like the boat's name!


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Thanks! i am going to try both but I really love coquette, it was exactly what he was describing it to look like. Thanks again!

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