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What are you think about this logos? for small english school specialize in buissnes english ?
i'm trying to start playing with typo. any sugestions, or critic ?
thanks for opinion.
sorry for my english best regards

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Top left and bottom right. "Ability", though!

Dla chcacego, nic trudnego.

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I'd go with first one in the second row. But I'd put the triangle of a "balloon text" outwards beside the ABILITY.

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Agree with Litera. But i'd look for a different shape that contains the "A". I like the comic-comment balloon idea. I'd also look at reworking the font choice. Maybe something with more weight and a friendlier presence.


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I like the first one on the second row best. The shape containing the A looks almost like the silhouette of a talking person's head. I would explore the idea of incorporating the shape of a head and the shape of a word balloon at the same time. It might end up looking wierd, but that's what I would explore

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Please, no more speech bubble logos.

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Good point. I completely didn't realize what I was suggesting. After seeing those I would probably try something different. Sorry.

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It doesn't matter. The company is a language company, and the reference to a speech bubble is NOT just Web2.0 cuteness. (And I actually think that a few of the logos on the "Die Speech Bubble Logo" page are pretty good.)

So I'd agree with the others who have voted for the logo in the second row, first column.

The logo in the bottom right is not a contender at all - it's basically the NPR logo.

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I like the first one, but I'd remove the dialog arrows from "A" and "E", and add one to "S". Also I'd use only one fill color - that of "E".

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Please, no more speech bubble logos.

I disagree with that blog post, and I have serious doubt if its author has even the most basic qualification to discuss design issues: The blog features light grey text on white background -- it's practically unreadable! (As a matter of fact, I didn't finish reading the post, partly because of the nonsense content, partly because its illegibility.)

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I only recognize one or two logos out of that entire collection, so I don't agree with the assertion that speech balloon logos are flooding the visual landscape.

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