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You are the first to hear it, outside of the official announcement on Saturday in Seattle. TypeCon2008 will be held in Buffalo, New York, July 16-20, 2008. Buffalo is home to our dear friends at P22 type foundry, is close to our great pals at the Type Club of Toronto, and is a city full of incredible architecture (thank you, Frank Lloyd Wright), the Roycrofters in the region, and a cultural renaissance suited to all appreciators of the fine arts, contemporary music, innovative architecture, and design. We are back at a Hyatt, which we loved in Boston, and look forward to a fantastic event in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

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Hey, cool. That is close enough for me to drive to. Now, if the American isolationists will just postpone the passport requirement to cross the border for one more year...

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Do you ban CA, or LA? :^)

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Hooray!!! Thanks for the info, Tamye. :-)

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Ban CA, as in California? TypeCon was in San Francisco in 2004.

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CA as in Canada? We were in Toronto too.

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Fabulous! I live in Buffalo.

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I made it to the Toronto one, hope to make it to Buffalo. Then, if you ever make it to Detroit ...

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To help explain the spontaneous typequiz question: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo . That should clear things up.

There will be a website very early on to give you additional reasons and excuses to come to Buffalo for Typecon. Promise.

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Maybe the website can be set exclusively in Helvetica or Have a nice Kitten theme. I hear that's popular....

Actually the kitten thing has a life of it's own now. See?


Note: I am not suggesting that anybody read them all. It's just interesting how it snowballed.

Unfortunately they misquote the suggestion I made. Sigh. I had suggested they use their nice 3-d & Animation engine in Xbox to make virtual random kittens!

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That is wonderful ... I am in Rochester, NY and will bring my whole firm.

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Now that's more like it. B^)

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Hmmm...perhaps I should do a random kitten dingbats face...

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I love kittens. But it should have a more modern theme, like unicorns and rainbows.

And this is great because I was planning a New York trip in July anyway!

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>But it should have a more modern theme, like unicorns and rainbows.

We should ask Marian Bantjes to design the identity! ;-)

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The best thing about Buffalo is that it's close to the Ontario wine trail. :-)

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Field trip! Field trip! ;-D

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I'm in Toronto to. We should all travel together. Let's sail there!

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Sounds like someone just volunteered to me! ;^) Pre-Con wine trip anyone?

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The wine tours, architectural tours, field trips, cultural attractions, points of interest, cool bars and great restaurants will be listed on the typecon website in the not too distant future. A flickr group is also being set up with some great lettering found around the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We will be having a planning meeting in two weeks. Anyone interested in attending, email me offlist.

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Let’s sail there!

And risk the ire of Homeland Security? Not me! :-)

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A flickr group is also being set up with some great lettering found around the city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

Rich, I forgot to tell you this, but i already started this:
i even geotagged the photos in case anyone wants to track down a particular bit of lettering.

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I am in!

Just an hour away ... sweet.


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Well, I'm way more than an hour away,
but I'm already planning to be there.
I'm in too!

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We can sail across the border no problems. As long as none of you have Mexican citizenships.

Sorry was that a cheap blow? I LOVE YOU STATE OF NEW YORK!

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Apparently there is a big waterfall near Buffalo too. Some who have not seen it might be interested in a side trip. (See it from Canada, we have the best view.)

Of course, when you do see it, you will probably start to wonder if you turned off that tap back home.

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(See it from Canada, we have the best view.)

This is very true, partly because you see trees and parkways from the Canadian side and you see towers, casinos and Clifton Hill from The US side. (This is Niagara Falls in case anyone is still wondering). Both sides of the Falls have their charms and their downsides. A local guide of off the beaten path things to do on both sides of the US/CA border will be made available in the coming months.

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Well, I’m way more than an hour away, but I’m already planning to be there.

Hola, Marina! Tudo bem! :-)

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