(x) South China Morning Post fonts - FF DIN, Utopia, Romana {Simon Heptonstall, Dries Wiewauters}

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Hi I am studying the rebranding of my local newspaper and would like to ask for ID as many fonts as possible, here are a few samples...

The SCMP.com sans serif

old headline font

new headline font

any effort will be deeply appreciated...

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The SCMP.com sans serif is FF Din bold & the 'old headline font' looks like Utopia Bold.

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the new headline font looks like Romana EF Demi


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thanks both! I agree the first 2 fonts but new headline font I refer to is the news headline (eg. "review of the week" in the picture), I am still looking for this answer...

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Hi Edward, “review of the week” is just the regular weight of Utopia

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