Carlos Miguel Da Silva Card

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Here is a business card I designed for my friend a composer of electronic music. Carlos is currently working at Microsoft in the Video Gaming division as a contractor. He is also a professional DJ and occasional producer.
CMDS Card Lo Res.jpg

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Credit for type is:
"MUS" Impressica-my own,
"Bitmap text"-Unibody text and small caps from Dutch Foundry Underware
"Sans Text" is Barry Decks Eunoverse Bold (Dist. thirstype)

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Hello Ole, I like the card and the fonts that you used very great, good choice. Your friend is Portuguese? I ask because Carlos Miguel Da Silva is a normal portuguese name.
Do you I'll make more application with this image?

Regards and see you soon > Ricardo

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Carlos is Portuguese.

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i think it is cool that you can promote yourself on someone else's business card!

everybody play "Where's the ''?"

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