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Yachting Pivatus - www.pivatus.hr

Hi all.. this is my first post
Im redesigning visual identity and entire website so I started to work on logo.. You can check out logo on the website above.

My plan is to make minimal intervention on the logo itself - im trying to make it look more "modern" so i'm looking for some serif Bodoni or Didot lookalike.. If someone has a suggestion i'll be happy to hear it

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I would choose something with genuine small caps* or at least redraw your characters to adjust the weight. I also can’t easily make out what the graphic is – bird, wreath?



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Actually, I'm kind of digging what he has. It's very Polo Ralph Lauren, which says "rich white guys riding around in yachts" to me.

My only change would be to bring down the size of the S in Pivatus, and extend "yachting" and the logo over it. Yeah, you lose some of the symmetry, but then when they inevitably make the boat captain's hats for the club, they can emphasize the "P". Maybe with little laurels.

-Andrew Welfle

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The Polo logo is an excellent example of why you should use genuine small caps.


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“rich white guys riding around in yachts” :)))))) - unfortunately you are right

Thank you all.. I'm working on several different solutions and for that "classical" version I think I found the right font set http://www.typography.com/catalog/didot/

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