St. Louis Cardinals MLB baseball logo college-style caps and script

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Any suggestions on where can I find the font of the word “Cardinals” on their logo?
Also the names and numbers on the back?

Anything that might come pretty close will be greatly appreciated.

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In terms of the sans serif, there are bazillions of options:

Sporting Life JNL
ITC Machine

For the script, if it doesn't have to be an exact match, you might like:

LHF Ballpark
LHF Pilsner
LHF Ephemera
Casey (My new favorite)
Boola Boola

That's all that comes to mind at this moment ...

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> That’s all that comes to mind at this moment ...

That's not too shabby! :^D

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Thanks for all your posts...unfortunately, it is the “C” that I wish to obtain...

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Well, unfortunately it's custom designed, so there's little chance that you'll find a perfect match.

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