"Voices" logo for critique

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This is a logo design for a speech/writing contest at a university. The contest is for undergrads. The idea is to put a youthful/energetic face on a concept that might seem boring. The target media is print and the smallest size will be letterhead.

The client liked this font.

I don't care if you think this looks like mindless trash from a 1990's clipart collection. :) I just want to know how the kerning looks on the main "voices" text.

I'm trying to get better at manual kerning...


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The logo is more like an illustration than a logo. Lot's of action for a logo but the customer knows what he wants.

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Are we even supposed to comment stuff like this? Sorry to be rude, but ...

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OK, I get it...I edited my first post to be more clear ;) Also, I will try to post something more worthy of your mouse clicks next time (sheeeeesh).

Thanks for the tip, Robert.

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Open up either side of the ‘I’, try flipping the V* and closing that slightly.
btw. I think you really need to work on the strapline, positioning, typeface(s), alignment.

* the drop shadow looks inconsistent with the other characters, the ‘I’ could do with more consistent shadows too


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Jesper, we'd like to see your stuff... We are not all at your level.

I think it is too busy. Try removing some lines in motion. If that is the option the Client liked - roll with it.


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