Can anyone suggest an alternative to Rockwell

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Simple request... I can't think for the life of me what to use.
Working on a pitch, currently using Rockwell as headline fone... want something similar but different.
Something like the font ImageSource use is quite good, but I'd rather try something not used my a large company.

Any suggestion welcome...


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There are many square serif typefaces out there - that are all similar and all different...

Among them

ITC Lubalin

I hope that helps...

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I’ve had my eye on Boton or Glypha recently – a bit more elegant.

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yep, all of them are nice... if you want something a little different, my favourite slab serif of the moment is soho

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More like ImageSource, less like Rockwell


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Soho is my favorite slab, too. If that is too contemporary, How about Amasis? Its a little more like Rockwell, but still different, I think.

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caecelia is another option... needs careful kerning and line spacing, but can be surprisingly readable

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> More like ImageSource, less like Rockwell
BDRMono by Lopetz at Büro Destruct

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If it is the Slab Serif look you want to avoid, you might look into using a Clarendon instead. There is a bracket, but you still get the big slab serifs.

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Try the ITC Lubalin Graph series

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from 'American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century' by Mac McGrew.

Rockwell Antique was a reissue of Litho Antique, cut by William Schraubstadter for Inland Type Foundry and introduced in 1910, when it was advertised as the 'newest typeface; one of our best; closely imitating steelplate and lithography.' In the late 1920s similar faces became popular in Europe, and some were imported into the United States. Morris Benton of ATF added several characters to the old Inland face, matrices of which were then in ATF's vaults, and it was reissued in 1931 as Rockwell Antique. But Benton saw that something more was needed, and redrew it as Stymie Bold in the same year. The alternate characters which were added to Rockwell are the same ones in Stymie bold.

Monotype copied Rockwell but erroneously called it Stymie Bold in some liturature, and there has been confusion between the two faces ever since; the latter name is often applied to fonts of Rockwell cast on Monotype machines by secondary suppliers.


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Which font do you use for the non-headlines?

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Stymie? Belizio?

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j a m e s

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Bodoni Egyptian

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Silica by Sumner Stone

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Corporate E by Kurt Weidemann (

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