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This logo is something that I've been developing for myself and my startup line of portfolio cases. Please let me know what you think.


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The "K" is clotting.
I'd lower the bars of the "A"s and the middle join of the "P" as well.


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Here is an updated version of the logo. The middle joins have been moved down slightly. I'm not sure what to do about the 'K' yet.

spacekase logo v2

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Make diagonals endings of S, C, E, less diagonal and it will work better.

Correct optically horizontal/vertical weight.

Make the A bar lower, make P more bigger, so more lower for middel bar.

Correct the middle joint of the K to avoid "black hole" at connection.

Et voil

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Okay, here is anohter revision. thanks for the feedback.

The A and P have been revised, along with some modification to the joint on the 'K'.

The diagonals have been revized slightly as well.

spacekase v3

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I really like that E.

The SPA seems looser to me than the CEK. Optically, anyway.

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Overally, is better.

I wonder, why the diagonal angles on S are differents than CE??

K need again to be adjusted optically.

the horizontal bar of the A still heavy compared to the middle bar of the E.

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here is another revision. The horizontal bar of the A has been adjusted. The intersection on the K has been lowered, and the angle of the S has been changed on the top.

I think that these details are starting to really work themselves out. thanks for the feedback


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and here is the wordmark with one of the possibilites for the logo. I want the logo to be clean and simple, yet have a feeling of strength. the proportion of the logo to wordmark has not been finalized. just thought i'd throw this up too


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Hey Ben-

The A + P crossbars should not be the same height. The bar in A ought to be distinctly lower.

The E + P are the best letters thusfar.

The way you've snipped the corners from the S doesn't make sense with the rest of your font. It results in a distinctly backwards slant in relation to the other letters.

The K is so clunky, and it feels like a chank rip-off. Fix the join and (IMHO) lose the 90

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Tonight tips:

make the A a bit wider!
Make the C a bit more bold on the vertical (not too much), its just because its an open letter.

then, send more bigger sample (along with the original size to), its too small to see anything more.

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Here is another revision. The C is slightly bolder on the vertical. not very noticeable, but I think that there is more visual balance now with the C. The A is a bit wider.

JFP -- what do you think about Karl's advice about adjusting the height of the crossbar for the A and the P?

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