50% discount on all DSTYPE faces through August 14

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I already licensed Andrade Pro, Esta Pro and Musee. I don't need them right now, but it was impossible to resist. I'm still thinking about Ezzo, Priva Pro and Leitura so I'd like to hear your opinion about them.

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Their typefaces are quite reasonably priced to begin with even before the discount. Hmm...now I'm tempted too...

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I own Andrade Pro and most of the Leitura series. Dino is a great guy. He even mailed me a few samples so that I could figure out which version I needed of the text face.

Musee is the next one on my list. I would totally invest!

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While we're at it, I suppose we should put a link in here:


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I'm a big fan of dstype -- nice selection, great prices, and good quality. I'll definitely be picking up something before August 14th.

I use Priva for my own materials. It works great for display and text, and it also seems to hold up pretty well when printed at low resolutions (like inkjet). My only complaint is that the g tends to stick out a little in text blocks, but I've been very pleased with it.

Cultura is also one of my favorites. The shapes are beautiful and the spacing is a little wider than normal, so it reads a little more smoothly in my opinion. I'd love to see it available in OpenType.

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I went buck-wild yesterday and bought 5 (Leitura News, Leitura Display, Estilo, Estilo Script and Volupia), for some new projects. There is also a further discount when buying full families – well worth the buy.

I bought Cultura a few months ago for a job (soon to be completed) and I’m more than pleased with it. My only problem is that it would be handier in Opentype format.

So… buy buy buy!

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Estilo! That's the other one I forgot to mention. Cool, cool, cool typeface. Leitura Display was unavailable when I purchased it. How do you like it?

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> Leitura Display … How do you like it?
Liking it, loving it. Fantastic for titles (I’m using it for a theatre poster).

Estilo was more of an impulse buy. The price was too good to turn down. Volupia likewise, great price and perfect for some quirky theatre production.

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Estilo and Estilo Script were just too cool to pass up for how cheap they were. As it stands, if a project that needed that sort of treatment came up, I wouldn't have hesitated to pay full price for it at all. The amount of work Dino puts into them is evident and certainly worthwhile.

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I agree. His typefaces have a distinct personality and surely i will buy more. The Leitura Family and Priva Pro are at the top of my wishlist for their versatility. I also like very much Ezzo, even if it seems to me a bit decorative (perhaps this isn't the right word, pardon my English) and better suited as a display than a text face. Did anybody try that?

> Estilo and Estilo Script were just too cool to pass up for how cheap they were.
So true!

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