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Hey guys,

I am a student and I need a bit of critique on a identity that I am designing for a restaurant/night club.

The name is pronounced "ent-house" and is themed around modern Russian letter forms.

Any suggestions on whether the idea is working, and what could be improved would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't pronounce either logo as "house" when I read it. The 'N' in "ENT" is turning into a solid block. What's your reason for adding the triangle at the top?

- Lex

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The reason for adding it was to try and make it similar to a Russian character, but I have since removed it. I think it is more legible now.

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The reversed N is already a Russian character, I.

E and T exist in the Russian alphabet, so this would would read something like EIT (je-i-t) in Russian.

The ä doesn't exist in Russian just in Scandinavian languages. Neither a Russian or an English/American would understand it. I'm Scandinavian and I don't get the use of ä in "House", doesn't make any sense.

Z doesn't exist either. H, Y and E exist but it doesn't spell house.

I'd say either stick to Russian letters completely for ENT HOUSE or don't use them at all.


Other then that the type feels right for a Russian bar, a little stiff and sharp.

Then depending on if it's a bar for Russians or other people it could be an idea too look at some old communist fliers and posters. Russians might take offense to that but too others it might be neat.

Might be cool to give at modernized communist vintage look :)



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Thanks for the feed back, tired to incorporate what you were saying about the Russian characters. Decided to use the word house and just have the title "ent" looking Russian with the backwards N. What do you think?

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OK This is better. But you could put in some more Russian style lettering that reads normal. Like the one you used for "U" before. But you may still have problems of common letters to both alphabets like E, O, H...

And I'd keep the square version of the logo like the old ones and the top left on this latest image.

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Looks better. I also prefer the square composition.

Maybe changing the + for a & or the Russian equivalent of &.

Still don't get the use of Z in Houze.

Also the EN connection bothers me.

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I don't get the 'Z' either.

To make it look Russian, try horizontally flipping some the 'R's and 'N's in the bottom line, or replace the 'U' in "HOUSE" with a 'Ц' (tsi).

- Lex

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Thanks guys ill have a play around with it this weekend and post an update sometime soon. Great feedback, thank you it's very helpful.

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