Typophile Found Type Buttons

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Found ephemera buttons
These Typophile buttons have been designed, used, discarded, found and now repurposed.

Everyday information -- once carefully designed by some anonymous person -- passes through our hands. Without a thought it does its job and ends up in the trash, or left to carelessly flutter to the ground to be found and repurposed.

Each button is of course unique. These are not scanned and printed. They are found, curated and lovingly composed in a circular frame.

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Everyday information passes through our hands,
Putting found type in new contexts...
Wearable art / wearable leftovers

Quantities are very limited. If we have some left over after TypeCon (or if we make more) we'll put up ordering information on the Merchandise area. All sales support our ability to provide a thriving Typophile.


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Best. Buttons. EVAR.

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Will these be available in the SOTA store?

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Brilliant concept, expertly executed. TypeCon will be a button fest, but these will be prized like jewels.

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Colour me all over these. I have several lapels frothing for some fresh buttonage.

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Yes, they'll be available in the SOTA store. =)

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i love those!

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These are now available for purchase at: http://typophile.bigcartel.com/

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very nice, great idea.

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