(x) Lissitzky's "G" magazine - Enge Etienne, Runic, Grimm-Antiqua {Robert Trogman, Jan E, Wolfgang Mayer}

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I'm looking for help in identifying the fonts used in the body copy and the headlines in this 1923 (Berlin) first issue of "G" designed by Lissitzky. And while we're at it: can anyone id the "G"?
PS: any suggestions as to the body copy?

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The condensed headline is Enge Halbfette Etienne as shown in the Bauer catalog. Berthold lists the font as Enge Etienne.

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The next one to post a 2560 pixels wide image on the Type ID Board gets his booty kicked off by me. Personally. :^P

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Type ID image supply always at your service! :°)

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“Material” and “Prounen Raum” looks like a regular version of Runic.

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thanks to all for their generous type info.

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PS: any suggestions as to the body copy?

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The body copy could be "Grimm-Antiqua" from Berthold 1911 and later.

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