(x) Lula magazine logo connected upright script - Kursivschrift {Marc O}

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hi everybody,

can anyone help me identify this font? much appreciated!

p.s. i am glad typophile is back online! you all never cease to impress : )

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A tightly kerned and lightly modified Kursivschrift


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bingo! thank you marcox!!! that took less than ten minutes : )

(and i was still on page 4 out of 15 of myfonts "script fonts" with 96 fonts per page....)


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You're welcome. Ten minutes is slow around here... ;)

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i know, you guys are amazing :)

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Next time maybe do a search if you know what you're looking for. A search for "Lula" came up with this and this thread. Then you even wouldn't have had to wait almost ten minutes. ;^)

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ay, how embarrassing, sorry!

you know, i think it crossed my mind to do a search first, but then i forgot (thinking that it was unlikely perhaps). i have learned my lesson.

it seems the Lula magazine font is a big hit!

(maybe i should be worried...)

: )

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no, wait! i am vindicated (partially). i *did* do a search. seems i just don't know how to do a search? i remember now. i had typed in "lula' in the search box in the upper right, and got only this one thread, about a restaurant in chicago.

hmm. i think i better figure out how to use the search function on this website....

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The Typophile search is kinda unreliable. :^/

Here ya go.

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Drag one of these into your bookmark bar and you'll have a Typophile Search at your fingertips at all times.

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thanks miss tiffany i didn't know about that google search function, it works amazingly! : )

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