(x) Zoogami beer ad - Alpin Gothic {Stephen}

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I need help with this one. Thanks in advanced!


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Very close to Trade Gothic Bold, and in the same ballpark as Alternate Gothic and News Gothic, but in all cases the spur on the G is different.

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Wouldn't that be Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ condensed?

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Akzidenz Grotesk is also close, but I still think the spur on the G is different. AG's M is different, too.

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It also close from this font


- - -


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It is Alphin Gothic...

My only concern was the apostrophe on the word HERE'S. It throws me off...
Here is a close-up from the original and the generate sample from:


You guys think the apostrophe is from another font style?

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Seems to match to me. Make sure you're looking at the true apostrophe and not a straight prime mark.

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oh yeah! thanks a bunch!

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Well spotted, Mr. Coles.

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