The Real Thing finally getting real again.

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Ordinarily, Coke's packaging just seems noisy to me. I picked up a can the other day was stuck with the simple elegance of a recent redesign. Note the new type selection for the word "classic". Tasty.

The production designer in charge of adding fake water droplets to the print files must be out sick. :)

Brand New has a nice post here:
(where I stole the image) :)

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It’s Gotham isn’t it? – the “classic” – we don’t have the new can here yet.

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The production designer in charge of adding fake water droplets to the print files must be out sick. :)

I notice that they've replaced the images of water droplets with actual water droplets. Slowly but surely making their way out of the Cave. ;)

I really like the redesign. The only thing that could make it better in my opinion is the removal of the word "classic". But I'm quite happy as it is.

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I have it on good authority from designers in Georgia who've worked on the Coke account that part of beverage sales strategy is to make a visual brand update every 6 months or so to keep us consumers thinking there's something new to buy!

Pepsi has done the same going to an all blue can with white lettering in the last year . . .

BTW, the reason all the 2-liter bottles sit on top of the beverage aisle is because they are least profitable to the soda companes compared to what we pay for 6, 12, and 24 packs . . .

Stuart :D

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The "new" coke can looks like the old coke can of years gone by. It is a real improvement, too. I wonder if Coke and Pepsi buyers really care about the constant rebranding or if it really impacts sales. Sounds like a money-maker for the marketing firm to me.


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To me they just look like old coke cans that must have been sitting in a basement since 1970. And Gotham just looks really out of place next to the wild swashy type. It feels like they’re just trying to make the fake-retro trend work for them, but doing the job by committee.

I wonder if Coke and Pepsi buyers really care about the constant rebranding or if it really impacts sales.

I read an article a few years ago that said Coke does so much marketing it’s next to impossible for them to guage the success of most of their efforts, so they just keep shifting money around and changing their methods to keep anybody from getting used to anything. Coke will drop a campaign if there’s a lot of public griping, such as with the insane degree of product placement in the second season of American Idol.

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I still like the old TaB logo altho the stuff takes like crap.

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Agreed that this is an improvement, and a relief, and I hope it's a sign of things to come. I also agree that the word "classic" is unnecessary, and it would be even better without it. This is what I want to see when I open my fridge. Well, not really. But if I liked high fructose corn syrup I would.

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I never drink any of that stuff. I get my caffeine from coffee.
I do wonder what prompts so much image action from a major brand though. The other extreme is Levis, for years, you didn't hear a peep out of them. Recently, a few new ads have come out though.


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"But your Highness, she's a commoner. Her Slurm will taste foul."

"Yes. Which is why we'll market it as New Slurm. Then, when everyone hates it, we'll bring back Slurm Classic and make billions!"

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The "classic" tag has been steadily, gradually reduced ever since Coke 2 was taken off the market. I expect it will disappear completely within the next three design iterations.

I read reports once that Coke might be sold in curvey cans to mimic the old glass bottles, similar to the Sapporo beer tall cans. I have never seen them on the market, though.

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A bit off-topic but I noticed this billboard ad in Seattle a few weeks back and couldn't help but think of a few examples of a font company owning the 'original and the 'clone' :-)

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I hope they changed their innards again too! The original Coca-Cola has orange flavoring - and when they came out with "NEW" Coca-Cola they went the Pepsi route with Lemon.

Me - I have officially given up Coca-Cola -- it really hurts in the acid reflux department. The caffeine in other sodas is okay - there is something in Coca-Cola that burns up my system inside out. It hurts...

BTW - I have always been a big Coke fan. Even my wedding pictures show hubby and me in a horse and buggy, on the back it saied "Just Married" and we are pulling lots of Coca-Cola cans. (Right across 5th Avenue!)

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Jackie, Any printer's ink cans among the Cokes for your wedding? :-)


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It's highly addictive!

I wonder just how many iterations and reiterations of Coke or Coca Cola that company has put out in the past?

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Oh Chris - I am that old... LOL
I'll just have to show you a photo one day - you can decide for yourself. :-)

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"I am that old.."

Well then, we can share arthritis stories :-)


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Yes, and gray hair, and body weight and acid reflux too!

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Got all those too :-)


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ours looks like the one on the left, but today they were out of coke so I had to have that awful zero one. I bought the left one yesterday.

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The package at left is still better to me, but I would prefer for it the font used to type "classic" at the other package.

BTW, what about these 2 fonts:

The arabic typing under arabic Coca Cola is really bad.


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