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heylo there, i am off to amsterdam next week, and im trying to do my research so as not to miss out on anything - so would be greatful if anyone knew of any exhibitions, galleries, places of interest, really anything to do with graphic design and typography (and anything connected to female typographers) anything a bit more off the beaten track of a travel guide.

REALLY appreciate the guidance. searching the internet runs me in cirlces


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Go to the University of Amsterdam Library. It is located next to the old mint on the canal. Look at the internet for directions (map).

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Yes there is a special collection of typographical works at one of the University libraries:

It says that it's on Da Costakade, but I'm not sure that information is up to date. Anyway you should definitely make an appointment beforehand.

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Whenever in Amsterdam... Rijks Museum. I love it every time.

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Not typeconnected, but don’t miss the GREAT Max Beckmann exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum. It is a must see. Closes on Aug 17.
Typeconnected: visit the Nijhof and Lee bookstore for an extensive collection of books and magazines (old and new). They are located at the Staalstraat. Googlemap here:
Enjoy your stay and try to avoid those nasty paddo’s.

Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Make a trip to Leiden if you have time. A university town, but much more beautiful than Amsterdam, and of course with photogenic streetsigns. Some of the university buildings have poetry and literary passages in various languages written on them in big letters.

In Amsterdam a canal boat tour will give you a basic intro to some architectural and city history.

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