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Hi everyone,

I have made a promo video for one of my typefaces. It's a kind of a commercial to advertise a font.

Please check it out and tell me what you think:


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Cool, I like it. I just think that you could have used something else instead of "a word". Would be nice to see more letters, not necessarily all animated. Just moving along the edges with the camera is nice; we can see the type from a completely new perspective (and dimension).
Also, I think the video lacks a "finale". It builds up the expectations but then the end is too quiet. Add some "Carmina Burana" power to it! :)

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The video is fun, but it doesn't show off the face as much as a simple image would.

Also, every page with sound should have a volume control, and it's even more important on pages that play sound immediately. When this page loads it immediately assaults me with very loud sound -- this is because the Flash is set to play at maximum volume (even though my system volume is set very low). Ordinarily when I encounter a page like this I close it quickly, if I don't see a way to pause the video or turn down the volume right away.

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