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Hello All,

I am a Design student at Miami Ad School and i have created a type survey (its only 7 questions) that I need for research for a type assignement in 1 of my classes. Would love to hear some critical and honest feedback to my questionnaire. Thank you and looking forward to your feedback. Attached is a JPEG of each font for your reference.


Daniel Vasquez

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JFTR, if you save that sample as a .gif, the file size will be smaller without the compression artifacts.

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you should fix the options in #4:
4. What are your reasons for not liking/not liking the above mentioned fonts?
You only leave us reasons for not liking the fonts.

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If possible, can you post conclusions to your research findings? I'm curious to see the qualitative and quantitative data. Thank you!

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Hey thanks for the correction and pointers and most of all for the feedback! Yeah once i have all the findings it would be no problem posting it! Thanks again and please keep your opinions coming!

D Vasquez

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