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hi all. i have been searching for the past 2 days or so for a paper company that offers "paperbag" coverstock paper samples. i have a client that wants to get all their collateral done with this type of subtrate, but, as with most clients, have no idea about the differences and nuances of paper. i've called most of the local printers here in ATL, and all have lead to dead ends. does anyone know of any resources? thanks!!


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I just did a google on -- paper wholesaler atlanta -- and the first page looked promising. I know the wholesalers in Ontario ... but Georgia is going to be different. Usually one of these places will have salespeople that can source anything out for you.

(I am assuming you are looking for the kind of paper used to make brown paper bags.)

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Contact Frank Parsons and tell them that you want kraft/craft paper.

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Mohawk Via has a kraft finish available. Thats probably pretty easy to find in your area.

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coolness guys!! many thanks!!


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