Dutch Type presented, Wolfraam debut

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Last Friday, my book, Dutch Type, was presented to a crowd of Dutch designers and designati at the Toneelschuur theatre in Haarlem*.

I leave it to others to recommend or criticize the book here (or anywhere).

I would just like to say that I wish you'd all been there; it was a great party, with presentations by Wim Crouwel, Erik van Blokland and Rene Knip and typographic visuals by Jeanne de Bont and Erik.
And then there was the band, specially put together for this event. Wolfraam are Just van Rossum (guitar), Peter Verheul (guitar)**, Henk Lamers (laptop computer), Donald Beekman (bass) and Donald Roos (sax). Yes, a band of type designers! They'll perform again tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Zeebelt Theatre in The Hague, where yours truly will show some slides. See also http://www.zefir7.nl/zefir7/index_fr.html.

The publisher's website http://www.010publishers.nl has a short account of the 5 March event. More pix on http://homepage.mac.com/letterror3/PhotoAlbum9.html.
Plans for a full CD are being discussed***.


* Why De Toneelschuur? Because it's the only theatre in the Netherlands designed by a lettering artist -- Joost Swarte -- who is also in the book, and because it was built on the premises of the former Enschede type foundry and printing firm. So we were standing on holy ground.
** Peter is also one of the designers of Dutch Type, the other one being Bart de Haas
*** There has been a (self-published) double CD before: Five Acres of Independence by Henk and Peter, featuring contributions by Just and Donald R. Check out http://www.puntino.nl/.

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