Decorative Hebrew font

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In another forum I’m asking for a replacement for this font, but I might as well know what it is I’ve seen….

I’ve attached a bit of a wedding invitation in Hebrew; can anyone tell me the font’s name—or identify similar fonts?


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The Latin script is Shelley Allegro.

- Mike Yanega

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… And I thought I found it: Gonen from Davka, but Mike’s right; the Hebrew here:

isn’t the same as here:


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If you're happy with that good, but in my opinion that font is not the same, even thoughI don't know Hebrew. To me, calligraphy is calligraphy, and those letters don't look the same.

- Mike Yanega

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I think "calligraphy is calligraphy" does more harm than good in multi-script type design. That said, I certainly agree there's no harmony there. My point:
Ἁρμονίη ἀφανὴς φανερῆς κρείττων.
The hidden harmony is superior to the obvious one.


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