Suitcase Vs Font Reserve - in Panther

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I was using Font Reserve in OS 9. Does anyone have any opinions which is better in OSX?

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FontAgent Pro!

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So, yeah i'd be interested in checking out Font Agent Pro,
Yet i'd like to read through their manual before i install.

I went to their site and couldn't find a manual to download.
Does someone have a PDF they could post.

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I use to be a FontAgent pro kinda guy, until it stopped activating the roman style of a font suitcase, also all of this copying and moving started to piss me off. MasterJuggler works in much the same way as ATM Deluxe, only it is Unicode savvy.

You can activate fonts from anywhere, it does not copy fonts. After activation, you can QUIT the program, so it does not need to be constantly running in the background. Yes it does not have auto-activation, but I've never really needed it. When I did a lot of graphic design, I had very carefully organized font folders. Now that most of my time is in font development, I'm happy to have a very simple "Temporary" activation tool.

I've sent e-mails to Alsoft to suggest that they make MJ available for a trial download, but they seem not to be interested. They say Auto-activation is coming in the next release.

I still love the fact that they had me in their database at a different address with a different phone number from 10 years ago, and still gave me the upgrade price when I ordered over the phone.

You can't go wrong with that.

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FontAgent Pro 2.0 all the way here on Mac OS X Panther.

The whole copying the fonts to a universal FontAgent Pro database doesn't bother me because it leaves my originals untouched. I'm not quite sure what it's doing when it checks/optimises the fonts but it seems fine. They also need to badly address their manual for version 2.0 as it references version 1.0 in the screenshots which seems very unprofessional.

I have to admit that I also have Font Doctor 6.0 just to double check my fonts before I send them to Font Agent Pro. Some Mac OS X applications, especially Illustrator CS seem to be ultra sensitive to bad fonts and quit and crash while they're active. For some very strange reason it's extra important to ensure you have a font library that's in good condition. One missing outline or something along those lines can cause havok!

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Font Reserve and Suitcase are now the same company and I would guess the best features from both products will be rolled into the next version of Suitcase.

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"also all of this copying and moving started to piss me off. "

What is that? You are serious? Move the fonts to activate them? Not an funny option for type designers; :-(

Stephen? Could you confirm that "feature"?

I was very close to bought FAP 2 the other day... I begin to wonder if its not my chance that their e-commerce was done at the time...

Still with FR who run ok but bit not easy interface.

jfp (who never want to going back to Suitcases, after so bad years with it more that 10 years ago)

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suitcase hands down.

on a side note font book is a joke.

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You are the first MJ man I've heard from, James. I guess you don't
mind that it lacks auto-activation? I guess that's a dumb question.

Here is why I use FontAgent Pro.

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Tried FontReserve.
Tried FontAgent Pro.
Tried FontReserve, again.
Tried FontAgent Pro, again.

Installed Suitcase.

But, being a bit of a control freak I do not allow it to auto-activate the fonts for me.

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I'll add that I found FAP and FR to be slow, and I'll admit that Suitcase had some granny moments too. But, when they updated it for Panther it snapped out of it. IMO The one thing that might slow it down is too many fonts, but I think that is true for any font management app.

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James - FAP 2 doesn't need to be running, even for auto-
activation. I asked Alsoft about the demo too, but no reply. I
think they are shooting themselves in the foot. They will never
be a mainstream name like Suitcase if they don't wise up. Nice
to hear it runs well for you and they are adding the auto-. I like
the thought of more than 2 competitors.

Daniel - Agree.

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FAP gives you the option to move or copy fonts to import
them into it's library. Naturally, I opt to copy. It's no biggie.
Once they are imported you simply push a button to activate
them, just like in ATM Deluxe or Suitcase.

BTW JFP, even though I am not a Suitcase fan, be careful about
judging software based on experiences from years back.
Remember how bad InDesign 1.0 was? Now it kicks all fanny.

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Bill --> I was fearful of allowing Suitcase to manage my system fonts at first, but decided I didn't want all of those fonts active at all times. I backed them up in tidy little (named with location) folders first, and then let Suitcase manage my system fonts, all of them, and haven't worried since.

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