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The Oregon State Bar is the organization that serves the membership of lawyers in Oregon. While other attempts at this identity tried to incorporate icons having to do with the law, I tried to represent the bar in the feeling from the design. The goal here was to create an identity that would work well with communications, allowing the information to stand out with the logo as a backdrop. This will probably be a change of pace from the crazy cool identities in here. I've been a long time fan of the site but never posted before. Any comments or improvements are welcome. Thanks guys. Color palette hasn't been fully developed yet.

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When the logo is printed at a small size and on cheap paper, or xeroxed and faxed, the word "State" will fill up with ink.

Why is "State" being emphasized?

How did you decide on the proportions of the black rectangle? The rectangle is so strong that the words are being broken apart and not held together.

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Good points. Thanks for asking intelligent questions. I have tried a lot of printing situations. I was concerned with that at first too. It seems that it holds up pretty well. I'll have to see what happens after we have it printed litho. I think the reason why I emphasized "state" was because the organization wouldn't be here today without the law handed down from the Oregon supreme court declaring that every Oregon lawyer must be a member of the bar to practice law in the state. I felt that was an anchoring factor. The proportions are based on three lines of type set within the rectangle and still having the same space on both top and bottom. (If that makes sense.) I never thought about the type seeming broken apart. Thank you for that point. I see what you mean. Really appreciate your comments thanks again.

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I like your Foucaultian approach in the logo. The state is so heavily emphasized that the logo's reference to the organisation it is supposed to represent is almost literally present.

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It works well for a bar and bistro too.

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