1950's America typefaces

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My client wants a 1950's America style typeface "Like a laid back coca cola logo". does anybody have any good suggestions?



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IDK if this is for a logo or text, but Clarendon comes to mind.

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It will be for text used in a logo.

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Forget about the fifties -- the Coke logo dates from the eighties.
Probably just wants something cosy and retro and custom, with lots of alts and swashes. Try House Industries or Veer.

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Have a look at Bello as well.

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Custom-drawn lettering will give that '50s look.

- Lex

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Thanks jupiterboy - I think that's the kind of thing he's after.

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Pivo makes you want to go out and order a tall cool pilsner brewed in the Czech Republic :-)


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Look in the speciment books of Photo-Lettering, Inc. They are filled with 1950's stuff. Many type designers earned their living by doing hand-lettered headlines. When this happend a font was sometimes generated for photo composition and became part of the Photo-Lettering library. One of these artists worked for me in my font department. He did the Buxom font for me while receiving royalties from Photo-Lettering.

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