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Does anybody know were i can view a sample of the Font Basilea?

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Did you mean Basilia?

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I've also been running into some trouble trying to locate a copy. I know of one sample (a logo design that I am not yet at liberty to display; portion of it shown) and many online mentions regarding its similarity to Eras-if-it-had-serifs. It is actually quite different from Basilia. If I can sleuth out the foundry, I'll repost.

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Hey, isn't that the one we're looking for here!?

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Basilea (as shown in ampersandranch's entry above) is utterly elegant. I used to use it on a Typositor 30 years ago. Why it's not available digitally is beyond me. Or is it? Please let me know. All I have now is printed in an old Andresen Typographics (L.A.) font showing catalog. I don't have autotrace, but do have an old Fontographer 4.x for mac OS 8.6 but have never used it. If I did, what licensing issues would I encounter? Could I alter the letterforms slightly and rename it and make it available?

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