If only the t-shirts were ready.....

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A quick update about what's been going on the last five days at Typophile:

We've experienced an unprecedented amount of traffic. In september, we experienced somewhere over two million page requests, largely creditted to the flood of traffic created by the Smaller Picture project.

In a nutshell, we got a fat bill from our host for using 12.6 gigs of bandwidth over our allotted limit. They shut down the smaller picture as it was causing server load issues. Inadvertently they shut down the forums as well.

We apologize for the downtime in the forums - thanks to those who alerted us to it. We'll try to get the smaller picture back up soon, with some modifications.

Without further ado, the floor is yours--



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thanks. welcome back everyone.

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And I thought you guys were upgrading/changing the Forum mechanism or something. BTW, since you have this Smaller Picture stampede going on, a tshirt about it might be a real cash-cow!


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And I was thinking . . .

MAN is it slow in the type world these days . . .


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hmm....I'd be willing to pay for flipping a pixel in the smaller picture. Even if its just a penny a pixel...pay to play man, tons of pixels to flip...exchange in service, revenue for bandwidth.

then sell the smaller picture font sets...even more mola. in fact sell it everyday in its current state. people could collect the smaller picture font sets. I'd be willing to bet it would cause a stir, debates on which set in which state was cool, which set clearly showed such and such of the collective brain..ect..ect. there should be a gazillion sets of the font published. ya...sell more stuff. hmmm wonder how the copyright and ownership of all that works out. haha

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Wow, Tanya. You seem weighed down by cash. May I have some?

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Tanya, about 3 years ago you could have made a few million with flipmypixel.com or something... But these days an idea has to actually be good. ;-)


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oOOooo Hrant - some people might think your critisizing the smaller picture. Let's make it clear you think MY idea sucks.

but wot-ever! I know I was having a hoot flipping pixels - it turned into a lunch time activity in our shop, putting a hold on the ever-enduring-Unreal T we had going.

its just a suggestion. I feel the pain, tis all. excUuuuuse me. :P

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So you're the one responsible for the bandwidth issues.

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